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Thursday, February 14 2013

Open sourcing

I'm not sure if it's correct to say "open sourcing"...

For those who might be interested, I opened the source of 2 of my old games :

  1. Koto: a rhythm game made in scala https://bitbucket.org/mr_qqn/koto
  2. Yokai's Song: a small game made for a gamejolt jam https://bitbucket.org/mr_qqn/yokai-... (you can play it here)

Also, an attempt to make an SDL file parser for Haxe in a functional style, it works, but the performances are really ugly... https://bitbucket.org/mr_qqn/hxsdl

I'll later open the sources of my current game engine once it will be more stable and dependent from the game. But I'm not sure if it will be useful compared to a great engine like libGDX.