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Saturday, April 20 2013

Butter Lettuce Party Papercraft

And here it is ! Another bravest Bravest Warriors papercraft. This time it take its inspiration from final scene of the Butter Lettuce episode.

It took me around 2 weeks (at a few hours each day) to make the 3D model and 2 full days to build it. I'm starting to understand a lot of different little trick to make better model and build something cleaner even if it's far from being perfect. For instance I had to make a little surgery on the back of the unicorn-man : a lot of little gaps were accumulated which resulted in a much bigger gap of ~3 mm and it was impossible to glue the final part directly. Fortunately it's on a hidden place, so it's ok ^^. The model was also so big (over than 30x30x20 cm) that I had to put some polystyrene on its base to consolidate it... and here it is !


Son for the bravest of you, there is 16 pages to print + a fix (I had flipped polys and figured it out too late, so I wasn't able to fix it in the original file without being forcer to build the entire layout again...). I'm sorry, but I haven't made any instruction : you had to help yourself with the 3D model in the PDO file (but nothing really complicated).

Model : PDF - PDO Fix : PDF - PDO (only the first page is to print)

If someone make it, I would be very glad to see it :) !

Sunday, March 24 2013

Impossibear papercraft

I made another papercraft! This time it's Impossibear and his gas powered stick, another character from Bravest Warriors like Catbug. I wanted to position him in a fun way, so I decided to make him trying to take out the stick (which now is some kind of relic) from a pedestal, much like in the legend of king Arthur.


You can download the model in PDF and the instructions in PNG. There is also the pepakura PDO file.

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Friday, March 22 2013

Dustforce papercraft

After the Catbug papercraft, I made one of the blue guy from Dustforce, one of my favorite video games which have an amazing OST!

P1020506.jpg P1020505.jpg P1020508.jpg

I had a lot of fun modeling this character in 3D, and this is the first time I made something this complex, so I'm kinda proud of it. However, I should have reduced the number of polygones or enlarge the papercraft, because some parts were really a pain to glue... (And I also need to buy better tools)

For the bravest of you who want to try to make it, there is 3 pages to print in this zip. I didn't made any instruction, so you can download the pepakura file to see how to make it.

FYI: Instead of the paper, I used a little wood stick for the broomstick. I tought I could wrap thick paper to make a 5mm roll, what a dumb idea...

Saturday, March 16 2013

Catbug papercraft

Papercraft of Catbug (the cutest character ever made from the Pendleton Ward's web-cartoon, Bravest Warriors) made this saturday :)



Download pattern : PDF ou PNG

Download instructions : PNG

Download pepakura : PDO (can be opened with Pepakura viewer)

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