The update everybody's waiting : the zoom into the screen ! It's now possible to play this game FOREVER !


Reminder of the controls : WASD for the left hand, OKL; for the right hand, 1 to 0 for the fingers and now the mouse wheel and the up/down arrows to zoom in and zoom out.

Click on the picture to start the game. The AZERTY version available here.

Valve-s-CEO-Finds-Windows-8-Unusable-2_1_.jpg With thousands hours of playtime, Simulator Simulator is tackling every other video game. You won't be needing your steam account anymore.
-Gabe Newell

You can still support the game by sending bitcoins to the address 16yUgQFhiQUMF74kppRXzxemSbinDwu3o3, or with PayPal.