/!\ New version available : Simulator Simulator 1.1 - Infinity update

Farming simulator, Train simulator, Surgeon simulator, Goat simulator, Rock simulator and others [insert something here] simulator must be prepared because a new one is coming...
Simulator simulator : the first simulator simulator !

A game made in a week for the Drancyfest 2K14 game challenge.


The controls are WASD for the left hand, OKL; for the right hand and the keys from 1 to 0 for the fingers.

Click on the picture to start the game.
(an AZERTY version is also available here)

Template_picture_-_Xzibit_1_.jpg I heard you like playing simulators, so we put a simulator in your simulator, so you can simulate while you simulate

You can also support the game by sending bitcoins to the address 16yUgQFhiQUMF74kppRXzxemSbinDwu3o3, or with PayPal.