Last week I bought the Adventure Time comic book, and inside were 2 messages coded with strange characters.

I made the character list, there are 26 of them: so it's seems to be a simple alphabet transposition. I give each character a random letter so I can write the message on the computer. Now, I have to transpose this alphabet to a new one to find the meaning of the message.

  1. Technique #1: brute-forcing by dictionary, but if there are proper nouns it probably won't work. Moreover I have the french version, and I have no idea if this part was translated, and it would mean brute-forcing with english and french, and it would take a lot a time...
  2. Technique #2: manually find specific words and improve the result step by step.

So I made a tool which is able to find the different matching alphabets transposition in order to find specific words in the message. The algorithm is really easy, simply based on a tree-path-like one.

The hardest part is to find the first word or the first word sequence (fortunately there was a clue). And once found, the remaining is easily found with simple deduction and some dozens of tries. :)

The tool is here :

For the people who want to try, the message was: